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Garage doors become a big problem when they fail to function smoothly. They are not the kind of repair you can do yourself and that’s why we are here. Five Stars Garage Door is within your reach in the Greater Toronto Areas. If you let us know the repairs needed, we will give you a quote, but if you are not sure what’s wrong with your garage door, we are just a phone call away. We will get there as soon as possible to check and let you know the repairs needed. We are the most trusted professionals and we will handle any problem regardless of the risks involved.

We stand out among many garage door firms due to our knowledge on various types of garage doors. No issue is too complicated for us. Our fleet of vehicles always moves around with enough stock to attend many problems. With our qualified technicians and original spare parts, we have managed to become the leading firm in the greater Toronto areas.

Garage doors are technical and so advanced that only updated repairmen can handle most of them without causing any damage. Nothing goes wrong when you give us the job. Our specialized skills and knowledge to handle various garage door problems leave all our customers satisfied. We offer both Residential Garage Door Repair and Commercial Garage Door Repair services at affordable prices.

Guaranteed reasonable prices and warranties

The garage door can malfunction due to different reasons. It could be broken or frayed cables, broken spring, squeaky hinges or any other issue. We care about our customers and we give you the best advice. The problem is simplified and even a customer who knows nothing about the technology behind garage doors can understand. Our aim is to provide a lasting solution while help you save money. A good repair must be done with original spare parts. We have the parts and they come with warranties. We value our customers and offer the best solutions to them.

Since all our staff members are trained, every customer is treated with respect. We are friendly and professional when handling our customers. Every garage door problem must be checked as a little issue can cause complications when you least expect it. Call us before a small problem is magnifies to expensive repairs.

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