Garage Door Weather Stripping

Weather StrippingIt is no doubt that your garage protects some of the most valuable assets you have. This protection is, however, can be compromised by any small gaps between your garage door and the concrete floor, the side walls as well as the top jamb. To get the best value from your garage and reduce your utility bills, you should seriously consider installing weather stripping.

At Five Stars Garage Door, we are reputed for excellent garage door weather stripping works. With thousands of weather stripping insulations undertaken in the Greater Toronto area, we are one of the leading garage doors weather stripping contractors.

Why Weather Stripes important

The tiny gaps around your garage door can be a source of misery, frustrations and even losses. Furthermore, they can drain your resources though payment of unrealistic utility bills.

Imagine having to deal with termites, ants and other rodent infestation in your garage. By making your garage their preferred colony, they are bound to destroy your valuable property.

The openings also accentuate the effects of extreme weather, which further deteriorates your garage condition. Even worse still, you spend more heating the garage while these gaps pilfer the needed heat.
Being professionals and well versed on garage maintenance, we will eliminate all these problems through garage door weather strips.

Benefits of Weather Stripping

By installing weather strips, you will derive the following benefits:

Barrier: Weather strips are strong vinyl strips bonded along the frame of the garage doors. They form barriers between the garage door and the surrounding structures and facilitate in keeping out water dust and air from entering the garage.

Insulation: By providing insulation against extreme weather vacillations, the weather stripes facilitates better regulation of temperature inside your garage, resulting in a comfortable environment for the stored item as well as less expenditure in heating and cooling.

Protection: Due to their huge sizes, your garage doors are bound to damage the surrounding walls, especially when mishandled. By installing suitable weather strips, you provide additional fortification against such destructions. This installation reduces the expenses in repairs, apart from improving the quality of your property.

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